Full Version: practice taking 'selfies' anyone can do it :)
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take your own pic online.. a 'selfie' ...just follow the simple directions

if you encounter 'trouble' with that one ..try this one

How di that manage to take a picture of Bat Breath while I was looking at the camera? Amazing technology, amazing. ~~Greg~~
Funny-- I am sure its Howard!
Bryan/BC Wrote:Funny-- I am sure its Howard!

nope not Howard I found him here running his new biznessBig Grin
A family selfie:

[Image: tarzan-cheetah-2_2094735i.jpg]
JD Wrote:A family selfie:

you do know that Bryan got a job at Howard's new gig... butt...
looking at family outing not w!#k:

[IMG][Image: tarzan-cheetah-5_2094740i.jpg][/IMG]
p.s. The "Views" per thread haven't been updating since 6/17. Get a count for each post but not views. Views are post +1. Think that's an admin setting.
I leave for a couple of weeks of fishing and the board degrades to this ?? Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin